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Friday, April 30th, 2004
10:21 am
Again, signs I am loney. So once Jay came up to talk to me adn he put his hand on my shoulder. Then yesterday, he sat next to me and he ran his hand over my head then patted me on my head. We talked, hit each other and every one else around us. My god my class must have been horny yesterday. Its like some High School senior orgy. Every one was hanging off each other, cudling, accuseing each other of cheating when the person they were cudling with went to talk to someone else. But I liked it, it was cool. And Cynthia did her speech thing and Jay said "I want a hug" and I was allready overthere by him to get my scipt back. So I said"OK" and hugged him. Dude! I hug like a guy. He put his arms around me and I did the one arm around the back double pat on the back no hip contact strait guy hug.
Then hes like "Cynthia, I wanted a hug" Blah ok. And I see him al touching these other girls and I want it to be me. I dont mind him doing it, it does it to me, just not as much. I guess you say I'm jelous, no envyous (or whatever) would be the word. How I want to make out with him. (I'll look back and regret posting this later).

But yeah, my class was horny. I mean I talked to Court about stuff we had talked about since 9th or 10th grade. And I enjoyed it. See, she went all christian and shit and alot of stuff I am kinda afraid to talk to her about now. We were walking up the stairs about to go to C building and there are to ways to go. She started towards to the long way. I thought it was so we could follow this girl who was dressed all cool like. But know she wanted exercise. Then it's like "Have you ever just followed someone because they were pretty?" She started telling he about this hot chick and how she was so mesmerized by her hotness she just kinda followed her. (But not like it was that obvious shes goes to the college on our campus). Then she asked "So do you like to be submissive or dominant" And Im all like "they're both fun, but whats best is when they are dominant and you tell them what to do, So it's like 'I might be all tied up and your in power. But I'm telling you what to do, so Im actually in charge" And we both agreed how fun it was.

I mean something must have been up because I havent had the whole 'that chick is hot' and 'sexual' talk with hre in a long time. That and the horniness of my class. How fun it was!!!!

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
9:33 am
OK, I guess I'm lonely.
So after I gave my speech. Jaythan and Alex gave me a hug. Jaythan felt nice. Then in class we standing by each other, so I can hold the script so he would no when to slam a door. After the scene was over, I walked back to my desk and as I passed him, he put his hand at arch in my back. Im sorry, that was really sexy. I wanted to write it down and what better place than here. But yeah, Jay is cute, totally hugable, funny and stuff. But he hangs out with Alex. (Who has his moments, he is funny as hell).

But this is crazy, just last week I thought Vincent was cool. And he is cool. But we're too diffrent. I just think it would be so fun to go riding with him.

So yeah, all of a sudden my classmates look good. I am so lonely.

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, April 8th, 2004
12:16 pm
sorry it's been a long time, but who reads this anywho?
So i went with my freinds Sarah and Vannesa to a screening of 'Mean Girls'. For those who know me, it doesnt seem like I would go to some "Teen movie about pretty girls" or whatever you would call it. But hey, I'll see anything for free. Also, I want to feel special and see it b4 others.

Anywho, It rocked. Kinda dark for what the ads make it seem like. Not all dark, but there are some jokes and moments that you wouldnt see in most teen movies. I Lindsays art freind, and the gay guy rocks too. But ugh! I cant say how good it was, I cant wait untill it comes out, so I can it again with my mom. Yes mt mom saw a commercial and told me "I want to see mean girls, it looks cute". But I really am going crazy trying to remember it all. (Okay, im writing this in the office and Noel asked what I am doing, so I said writing in my journal, and goes write about bacon) But yeah, just go see Mean Girls. You might think it's not for you, but it is.

Current Mood: hyper
Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
4:43 pm
Ok so im taking a bunch of qiuizzes
Are you a God? by Demonac
God/Goddess type:God of Destruction
They show devotion by:Watching bad movies; the worst they can find!
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

this is so me, I love communists, destruction and bad movies.

Why would I die in a horror movie? by toxicninja
Killed byhead crushed
Killed becauseyou were a nerd
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

I will be killed because of my nerdom

This is how a fucking gangsta rolls.. by starlitelily
gangsta name
gangsta jobenforcer
your fucking problemlost arm in driveby
# of times you ran from the cops99
your sayingi'ma blast you
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

This is how a fucking gangsta rolls.. by starlitelily
gangsta name
gangsta jobstand there and look cool
your fucking problemlost arm in driveby
# of times you ran from the cops59
your sayingthis is how we roll
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

It all depends on my "gangsta name" but I do stand around and look cool, and I'd love to be an enforcer.

The Immortal You by Sacreddruid
The God/Goddess Of:Pestilence
In Life You Seek:Ecological Awareness
Your Special Talent Is:Composition
Weapon Of Choice:Portable Anti-Tank Gun
Color Of Hair:PowderBlue
Color Of Eyes:Darkorange
Color Of Clothing:SteelBlue
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Ok, i love this site, blue hair, pestilence, portable, anti-tank gun. What more could I want.

gud 4 u!!! u r now officially a loser....i mean u
passed the test ^.^

R u a true fan of Mindless Self Indulgence?
brought to you by Quizilla

yippie, more loserness

Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
9:40 am
Im back
Yes I was in the hosptal Tuesday and back one Thursday and spent all week end getting better. So I havent written or read anybodys shit. Damn I have a bunch to catch up on, I'll probablly glance it over.

It snowed in Texas! I didnt see anyone else mention that, Im shocked. It stayed for a while too, and there was alot (alot being maybe 3 inches).

Lost weight, because of the thing. I didnt eat for a week. At the doctor yesterday she wants to do more. Ugh. I know, get it over with, but it's embaressing.

In my theatre makeup class yesterday (it sucks high school is out but I still have to get up and go to my college class) we got to play with fake scares. I made it look like I slit the back of my hand and it was all 3D and bleeding. It rocked.

I thin I've developed a crush on this guy in my class for no reason. He's not all that cute and I dont know much about him. But I go crazy when I see white guys. There are none (truthfully my school has 100 something kids and there are 4 white girls. my self included, that I can think of right now.) So I have this thing for white guys (they're is one guy who acts white but he's not and he dates the only white chick that isn't a senior). The guy in class want there once and someone called him "pasty white guy", I dont know his name so I from now on will refer to him as "pasty white guy", even if I learn his name.

Damn. I just need to make out with someone.

Saw American Splendor. It's cool. I love his wife. And Party Monster came out.

I am mad at virgin. Went there at 1 pm, didnt have it. Called at 5, didnt have it. Went anyway to see if it came between the 20 mins I called and the time I got there, still didnt have it.

Oh I rant tomarrow. Im to blah to write

Current Mood: content
Thursday, February 5th, 2004
9:46 am
Yeah, so my family is wierd. To catch you up, my cousin married a guy had kids, divorced him and got married again. The dude she married had this sickly mom. He would bring her over to our house for Thanksgiving and X-mas. She Couldnt go to the bathroom on her own and when she did, Sandra (the cousin who married) and Julia and Sarah (my cousins, her daughters [and this Sarah is diffrent the other one I talk about]) arguee over who is going to help her to the bathroom. We all feel uncomfortable talking to he (shes old and kinda crazy and she doesnt really know us) and we sit around and wait for to die. Sunday morning she did. Julia came up from college for the funeral (I guess because it's the thing to do) but my mom didnt go (it was way far away and we didnt really know her, she wasnt a blood relative, besides she another funeral to go to). She's going to it today. This time it's my great uncle (my moms moms brother, so a blood relative)

I went to the visitation last night (but for selfish reasons, i was hoping my cute cousin Matt would come up with his family (Yes I like my cousin, so what. He's my 2nd cousin which makes it ok) But his sisters and mom and dad never showed. They were driving up from Houston and it was rainy in Dallas, they're going to be at the funeral today though, but I cant go. I waould gladly skip school but I have a College class to take.

But know one knows if Matt or Ashley would be coming. Laura was (she's cool and all but she's 30 something and has kids, but Matt and Ashley are more my age) But I see all these movies and tv shows and at funerals everybody cires and shit. Nope we look in the casket and go on and talk about other stuff. No reflecting on the persons life, or anything. We laugh and all this other shit. I kinda feel giulty and akward. I dont know what to do at these situations, I can't talk to my familly either. So I just sat there starring off. My aunt Fran (wife of the one who died) came up to me and said "I'm glad you came. Your one of my favorites". Which I thought was cool (I didnt know if she said that to anyone else, I didnt here her say it, so I guess she ment it). But I never really knew her. I remember her being at my 5th b-day and she came to the x-mas family reuinion type thing, but I never talked to her. I talked to her this x-mas and she's cool. She hates kids (which odd because she kids).

Someother family member had a kid there and Fran was like "give me a hug". Si asked her " I thought you hated kids" "Oh, I do Icant stand kids, but he's a nice one, can't you tell" she said. "Yeah I guess, but I hate kids. I found a few I like because the reminde me of me when I was that age, or me now. They're like 8 and have a dark scence of humor and are bitter" I replyed. "I was allways like that" Fran said. "But Im glad I had Kathleen, whats the point in being married if you dont have a kid like her".

I loved that, but I wonder how Woddy would have felt if he heard that (Woody is her son) And at a funneral for her husband she says something about marriage being pointless, I adore this woman.

Am I the only one, but I have this urge to touch dead bodies. I never do, but I really want to with out my family thinking Im stranger than I really am.

I guess my next entry will be on a lighter topic.

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
9:33 am
Damn you vile woman!
Sorry to do this again, but I left out that the cute guy looked at me and smiled all big, so I smiled back all dorky and shit. I know I'm crazy, but I'm depreived of good looking guys, I c=go crazy when I see one.

So how awsome is the ne Incubus video? I think it rocks. I'm also addited to Maps by the Yeah Yea Yeahs, Karen O just looks so sad in the video, I wan't to cry.

I forgot some Super Bowl commercials yesterday. I also like the Simpson one, the donkey that wanted to be a clydesdale, and the ref you got yelled at by his wife so much he could stand be sceamed at by a coach.

Any one else see anything good recentlly?

Current Mood: calm
Monday, February 2nd, 2004
10:00 am
Now a word with Chester
Ok, sorry Sarah for having to here this again. But Friday Sarah and I were going up to Richardson to stay at the Renaissance. At the stop after the one we got on these two skater dudes got on the train at the middle doors, one of them came up to us standing at the front doors. He stood there next to us for two stops until all these people got off and opened some seats. So he stood in front of a bench (Sarah says he didn't sit down until we did) I don't know for sure but I wanted to sit in the one behind him (which we did) so I could look at him and possibly talk to him. So he's all antsy and moving around alot, playing with his skateboard. His hoodie is all dirty with this spots all over it. I dont know if this upcoming part happened first, ask Sarah I bet she knows. He asks us if were going to Eisenburgs (this skate park for those who don't know) I say no. Then he says "I was wondering who was playing" "I don't know, lots of people play there" (or something like that) was my reply. Later some guy asked me what time it was, I said 8:08. Then the cute guy said "What" "8:08" i said again "Whoa" he said all stoner like. (This guy must have been permafried, he had this low deep voice you could barely hear and he said some kinda strange stuff as you'll read later) He was looking at the map to see how far he had to go before his stop came up. (He's all squinting at it and stuff) "You have a long ways to go I say to him" (it may not have happened at this point but I know I said it, [look at me I cant keep track of what I said, Im permafried]) Then Im kinda talking to Sarah, I mean I guess I mean to Im not just stated facts or any thing "My whatch is allways diffrent, sometimes it's 6 mins slow, 4 mins slow, 3, 2, and 2 1/2 mins slow. Its like no one has the correct time" I call time and temp, according to that I'm 3 min slow. Sarh then gets to te time on here phone and Im 2 slow, the time then comes up on the bus and Im six mins slow. and Im saying all this too as it happends. Then the cute guy asks me " Do you think your phone is drunk?" "I dont know, it must be" was my answer. (In a way I want to insult him and do a Noel thing and insult the one you like, i felt like asking "are you" whe he asked about my drunk watch. I mean, he was kinda out of it.
Then like a big dork I try to tell Sarah he's cute but I cant say it, he might over hear me. So I ask her about her phone messaging thing. She get to and i try to say he's cute. I go to type "Cute" but as soon as I get to 'c' the word cab pops up. I clear and start over but it's allways 'cab'. I give upand go on to 'u' then some other word pops up. I clear again but it's the same thing again. So I try to make it work, I go to 't' and and nother word is there I think "Ok if i hit 'e' I'll tell here all the words are there but in the wrong order and minus a letter" So i press 'e' and "Acute" shows up. Fine it will have to do, so I show Sarah what it says and we just stars laughing. Party because of Acute and my loser-ness. While she is tryong to write back she has the same problem. The cute guy then asks whats wrong and I tell him that when we type stuff words pop up. So he tells me how to turn the feture off (he must have a diffrent way, because when we did figure it out, it was nothing like what he said) Sarah replys and thinks he cute too and mentions you cant here him. I want to type "you're cute" and show him. But we have like 2 stops before we get off. I freaking out and going fast and it's not working so I tap him on the shoulder and say "You're cut" He gives me a thumbs up (I do to when I see that, reflex I guess) and says "Thanx". We get off and I turn around and he's watching us walk away. So, keep walking look back again and he's STILL looking. I mean I dont know if he like me or what ut he could have said.

Now for soem strange stuff I forgot to mention. I don't know if the other skater guy was his friend, I mean they both skate and got on at the same station. He didnt say any thing to the other guy so it's not like "hey whatch me go hit that girl"
I dont know why he asked if we were going to Eisenburgs, I mean I guess we could have going to watch, we didnt have any skate gear. (unless I had blades in my bag). But I guess to young white girls on that train means "hey were going to Eisenburgs". Maybe my lip ring made him think that too. At one point he started playing with his tounge ring. Like sticking the bar out between his lips, dragging it accross his lips and stuff. Either he's trying to say "Hey, I have tounge ring, Im cool". Or he's trying to turn me on. His sakte board was against the wall with the bottom side faicng out. Lots of stickers and stuff faded from grindding. He had what I guess was his name wrten on the all graffitti style or in letter sickers,cant remember, but is was fadded. His name started with a D, It could have sadi Darron. I thik there were n's in his name, or thast he two letters that repeated right afeter each other, like the double nn's.

But know. Im going to be weird and wait at the train stop at that time on that day, maybe to see him agin. He got on downtown, he either lives downtown or skates there also. Whatever, tell me Im crazy.

Sorry if this was hard to read. When I have to write and I get carried away, I dont remember paragraphs.

On an other topic, Fave Super Bowl ads people?
I like the muppets, but the cadalaic one when the sound catches up to the car was cool. But Pepsi seemed like they were saying they were responsible for Jimmi Hendrix, and that made me mad. But they weren'rt so good this year, Wich is why I cant remember many.

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
10:07 am
Damn, accidently hit Update so bear with me here
Now all the "minor" catagories.


All Good, but LOTR will win but I go for Last Samurai


Cold Mountian, Master & Commander, or Seabiscuit


Last Samurai- (nothing else seems worthy, I mean, jockey uniforms, torn rags, pirate clothes, or long dresses, Last Samuri seems like the hardest to make)


Fog of War- (Like Ebert said , it would be a good follow up to Bowlling for Columbine)


LOTR- (godspeed to anyone who can edit X hours of film into 3 hours)


LOTR- (Sarah [and others out there] eye shadow is not make up, just because some "cute" guy puts on grease paint does not mean he should win. LOTR is so deserving, when it takes 3 hours to put on hobbit feet, you need to win. Latex and prostetics are make up, not greese paint. Also to put latex on all tose extras is a lot of work) But I'm wondering why Party Monster was left off.


no idea


no idea


all (i mean enhanceing horse hoves, sword fights, cannons, and others sounds is hard work, they're all winners)


Finding Nemo- (I dont know if Lip Sync is in this catagory, but to match up dialouge to match fish mouths is hard, also all the water splahing and stuff)


LOTR- (the whole film is effects the others bareilly have any)


Chernobyl Heart- (I like Russia)


Gone Nutty- (but only if it's about squirrels)


Squash- (not sure why, not a big fan of the vegetable and never played the game)

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9:40 am
What about what?
Ok. Time for my Oscar Picks. Also as a way to reply to Sarah, but I also want others to see this.


Mystic River- (why I don't know, I didn't see it [yet], but it's the only one that doesn't look childish)


Sofia Coppola or Clint Eastwood- (yes I'm jelous of Sofia, but she's a girl. I should probably have a better reason but I don't. And Clint. just because of my reasons for Sofia. You might wonder "why not Peter Jackson", well I'm a purist in some ways and when you have alot of computer shit in your movie, that's not directing. The computer guy who suspervised should win the award.)


Sean Penn- (just look at those commercials, he should win based on those few seconds they show. And just because you think Jonny is cute is no reason to vote for him)


(I don't know, they all suck. None of seem like really important supporting roles)


Charlize Theron- (if doesnt win, she was robbed. I'm surprised that Keisha Castle-Hughes was nominated, and that kinda wants me to hope she wins. But Charlize would be robbed. Naomi Watts looks ok. If she could act like she did in Mullholland Drive when she was auditiong for that role, she should win. (confusing? in the movie she was an actress and auditioned to be in a movie. Hope that helps) But Charlize, also an indie movie getting nominated for such a high award. Also, Yippie that Nicole Kidman was left out. I hate that bitch, and she would win just because she never loses, robbing other people)


Renee Zellweger- (Just because (like the guys) the supporting roles just don't seem strong enough


Finding Nemo or Lost in Translation- (I dont know if a cartoon ever won for this b4)


American Splendor- (a movie based on a cartoon is hard work, but LOTR will win I bet, but I hope Mystic River does. There might be hope for Seabiscuit, it was a best selling book, for like, ever)


Evil- (Only because I like Sweeden, but The Barbarian Invasions as it's probably the only one alot of voters have seen)


Finding Nemo or Tripplets of Bellville- (both are awsome, but Triplets is something old farts who vote would like, but I hope the inner child comes out and Nemo wins)
Monday, January 26th, 2004
9:53 am
Happy Bubble Wrap Day!
Yes it's true, I saw it on GMA. Today is national bubble wrap day. Yippie Jeni. Remember that day our class gave our bubble wrap to Ms. Farquesaon (or whatever) for X-mas? To those not in the know, yes we are dorks but we were in 5th grade.

Got a call from Mary. Damn! I fucking love my freinds but shit. Everyone has a car. (they may not be new but newer than mine) and they got one 1st. I mean I unaffically have one. And everyone else is going off to college. but my bitch of a mom wont get her shit together and fill out shit. So Im gonna be a big loser thats mobile-less.

Damn it all to hell and back.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
10:18 am
An awsome game I created.
Ok, so yesterday my awesomely cool teacher walked by and as he did I said "Whats cookin' average lookin'". He smiled took two steps, then turned around and came back to me asked "What?" To which I replied "I said 'Whats cookin' average lookin'". Then he said "Oh, I've been promoted".

Is it wrong to like your teacher? (And my friends who read this who know said teachers name, better not reply with the name in case some ass from school just so happens to read this, then they'll know and blab their big fuckin mouth off about it. So be prepared to die if it slips out.)

Oh Yes, how could I forget. The Prez state of the union address was a big disappointment. Someone obviously wrote that one for him (like he ever writes his own). I hate the man and if you do too, yippie. But bare through his speeches like I do and play the game of shots. Every time Bush says "uhh" in the speech take a shot.

Although I would recommend doing shots of water or juice instead of liquor. As he says "uhh" so often you might succumb to alcohol poisoning in the first 15 mins. But yeah, when he takes up all the air waves and you have to suffer, just do shots. It's actually super fun!

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Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
10:14 am
Important for Nerds
Yesterday was David Lynch's Birthday. Like a good dork, I celebrate. I bought Blue Velvet but didnt get enough time to watch it (it didnt fit into my tv schedule0 but i did see 10 mins of it, and as long as see part of it I guess it doesnt matter. Dude, you should see me on Stanley Kubricks B-day I shell out $50 dollars renting everything of his. I know, I should buy it. Im getting there, Im catching up on other movies though. I know alot of 2001 by heart and once I was so dessperate for the movie I read the book the movie was taken from. Yes Im a loser.
9:57 am
Some background info
It o=would seem that I should hate Sacramento. After all, the love of my life did move out here with his dad. Sacramento took my love/freind away. Yet why block out anythinhg Sacramento related? I love the Deftones and Tower records, nothing could make me give that shit up. Also, I love the Sacramento Kings, I don't know whay, They are an excellent team and all the players are super good looking. But I guesss it remindes me of Scott. But I love it When the Kings play the Mavs (my home team), both teams are full of good looking guys and I it doesnt matter which team wins I love them both. Root for the home team and team that plays well (Not saying that the Mavs aren't a good team, but Sacto makes it further than Dallas. Thanx for letting me ramble and soon I'll have something worthy to write.


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